What Is DND?

Daisy Nail Designs or better known as DND is a long-lasting nail gel coloring process which requires some step. DND offers a range of gel nail polish products. It is different from the regular nail lacquer that is often used at home. The nail gel polish provides luminous nail color in less time. There is a wide range of colors that one can choose from, as the research team with DND is always working towards getting new styles in the market. The DND nail gel lasts anytime between two to three weeks.

Daisy Nail Designs

There is a two-step system that is followed to apply the DND nail polish, and it is best done by professionals. However, one can do it at home following proper instructions.  The curing process of DND nail gels makes them stay on without harm for many occasions. Many salons expertise in the application, and there are also ways in which users can apply it at home.

What Is the Difference Between a Nail Polish/Gel and Nail Lacquer?

Nail lacquer is something that is generally associated with the protection of the nail. Nail Lacquer is available in specific colors and does not offer much choice. The nail polish/gels, on the other hand, are products associated with the attractiveness of the nails. There is a vast range of colors and shades available for use.

The main objective of the nail lacquer is to add brightness and shine on the glossy nail paint. In fact, the thickness of the nail paint also increases in your nail if you apply the proper nail lacquer. Therefore, if you want to make your nails grow stronger then applying a lacquer is a good decision.

In case you are planning to go for manicure then nail polish application is great. The color of the nail polish stays longer as compared to nail lacquer. These days nail polishes are available in cruelty free, quick dry and long lasting benefits. Nail polishes are classified under base coat, topcoat and matte finish textures. When you think of differentiating between a lacquer and a polish the main thing is consistency or thickness. However, several manufacturers sell the same products labeled as nail lacquer or nail polish. Therefore, nail varnishes, polishes and lacquer are all same with different names.

No matter how the thickness is calculated between the nail lacquer or polish there is one advantage of using both is the blending of colors. You can either mix varied colors or use single color and still get the look you desire. 

Benefits of DND Nail Gel?

There are many benefits of opting for DND nail gels, and the top amongst them is the look. These nail gels give a lovely look to the hands. They also tend to last longer than regular nail colors. The DND nail colors are of high quality, and unless removed manually, they stay as they are and do not fade or chip like other nail paints. Mostly it is seen that after applying the DND nail polishes on your nails it stays till 20-21 days without creating any unwanted patches. It is useful for base paint when you want to try any nail art for yourself at home.

Another essential benefit of the DND polishes is the ease of application. When you apply it, the nail paint do not messes up on your nails and creates any blot. Instead, single coat of this nail paint is enough to get that accurate salon or professional look. In fact, the paint also dies up quick therefore the user do not have to spend extra time after applying these paints on their nails.