Various Frequently Asked Questions on DND Gel Polish

Daisy nail design (DND) nail polish is a brand found in 2011 and known for nail polish, salon product, and UV gels. The brand is known for its trending color and offers one of the freshest collections of nail shades. Moreover, the quality of these nail paints is particularly good, and shades are long-lasting.

As there are a variety of innovative products created by DND, some questions are commonly asked. We have rounded up a few most asked questions with all the answers.


How Good Is DND Nail Polish?

You will see rave reviews on the internet about DND products, and those are not wrong. The high- quality, professional-grade products from DND are safe on skin and long-lasting. Apart from their regular nail polish sections, they also have a range of nail products to try from.

Is DND Nail Polish LED or UV?

DND Nail polish can be cured under both LED and UV. The formula based DND nail coating can be cured under LED lamps in 60 seconds and for 2 minutes under UV lamps. Do this after the first layer and then repeat after the second coating to get the best results.

Are All DND Nail Polish Gel?

DND Nail gel polish is based on a gel formula for the shinier and more vibrant look and feel. At the same time, it is much thinner and, therefore, does not feel heavy on the nails. DND nail gel polish comes infused with essential vitamins to keep the nails healthy and retain their natural shine.

How Should I Use DND Nail Gel Polish?

The gel nail polish from DND is easy to use and can be applied to nails, just like any other nail paint. However, it dries up quickly under UV or LED lamps and leaves a subtle shine on the nails along with vibrant shade. Moreover, the shade stays for over 21 days without getting brittle and coming off.

Can I Apply DND Nail Gel Polish at Home?

Yes, DND nail gel polish is easy to apply at home and frequently bought for the same purpose. The professional-grade nail gel polish can be applied easily on the nails without any professional help and dries up quickly.

How Long the DND Nail Polish Last?

You can count on 21 days formula of DND nail gel polish as the gel retains the shine for 2-3 weeks without getting brittle. Simply put, the DND nail gel polish on your nails and leave it for a maximum of 2 minutes to dry. After that, it will stay for 21 days without you having to reapply the coating.

Can I Remove DND Gel Nail Polish Without Acetone?

Although DND nail gel polish has a rich formulation that retains the healthy nails, you are recommended to use acetone for removing all gel nail polish. DND gel nail polish is best removed with acetone without harming your nails.

Do I Need a DND Base Coat?

Yes, for a complete gel manicure, you would need a DND base coat as well as a DND top coat. This will ensure that the shine is retained for a maximum number of days. You may also try 600 DND topcoat that does does not require cleansing or wipe-off to get rid of the stickiness.

How Can I Correctly Use DND Soak off Gel All in One?

Before applying the first layer of DND soak-off gel, make sure that you have removed the shine from the nail plate and cleaned it for any extra oil or dirt. After applying the first layer, cure it under UV or LED for 2 minutes or 30 seconds, respectively. Apply the second coat and repeat the same.

What Is the Origin Country of DND Nail Polish?

DND nail polish is made in the United States of America from imported ingredients.