DND Gel Polish Review: A Closer Look at DND Gel Polish

Since DND came in the market, it has become the premium product for the Nail Salon all over the globe. Top Nail Therapist & Salon Owners recommend DND for long lasting, beautiful and trouble free finishes.

The uniqueness about DND is that it is amalgamated with vital vitamins to aid nails more durable, healthier and striking for weeks.

DND Nail

DND has 7 different ranges of its DND Gel Polish:

  1. DND Color Swatches
  2. DND Duo
  3. DND Collection 2020
  4. DND Winter Collection 2020
  5. DND 5D Cat Eyes
  6. DND Essentials
  7. DND Mood Change

How Do You Use DND Nail Gel Polish?

  • Buff your nail gently so that there is a rough surface for the nail gel to stick. You can use 180/240 buffer to get the desired surface.
  • Make sure that your nails are clean of any dirt or oil.
  • Take your DND nail paint and apply the first coat.
  • Now put the nails under a UV lamp for about 2 minutes and under an LED lamp for about 60 seconds.
  • If you feel the stickiness on the nail, then use nail wipes to remove it.

How to Dry DND Nail Polish? Is It the Same as Other Nail Polish?

Regular nail polish requires simple air drying, which can take up to a few minutes for them to dry completely. The DND nail polish, on the other hand, requires UV lamp drying, and the process is called curing. The DND nail polish has a polymer, which requires a unique drying process. It is also a long process to dry the DND nail polish compared to regular air drying.

Is over Curing of Cure the Gel Nails Possible? What Happens If I Do It?

Yes, it is possible to over cure your gel nails. If you over cure the gel nails, then in some cases, the gloss look will be lost, or the gel will get discolored.  Sometimes both these things happen with over curing. The effects on the gel depending on the quality/make of the gel and the curing light being used. The gel manufacturer often sends specific instructions that show the right amount of curing time and the results otherwise.

How Do You Remove DND Get Polish?

If you are removing the nail paint at home and for the first time, then it can be a tricky business. It is possible and will become easy if you are patient with the process and follow the instructions properly. 

You should start by filing the surface with a filer to loosen the grip and speed up the removal process. Do not be too harsh on the nails and be calm while doing it. Now soak the gel nails in quality acetone without adulterations. Do this for 20 minutes so that the gel and nail bond loosens. You will have to be patient at this step as it is a long process but an important one. Now take the cuticle remover and push off the gel nail. If at any point you are unsure you can always take the help of a service provider.

Do Gel Nails Age the Hands?

The nail gels do not have any effect on the hands, but the curing process with the use of UV rays has an aging impact on the hands. One time use of UV rays on the hands for 20-30 minutes is mostly harmless, but getting the nail gel applied bimonthly is adding to the fine lines and brown spots on your hands.